Fantasy MVPS By Position

When something good starts another must end, that’s the case this week with playoff football kicking off this Saturday with the Raiders coming off the back of yet another Daniel Carlson walk-off field goal, heading to face Joe Burrow and his high powered Bengals offense. Unfortunately, now that fantasy football has finished for this year […]

Thursday Night Football

No Adams? No Lazard? No problem for Aaron Rodgers and Matt LeFleur! On a short week, they traveled across the country to face the only undated team in the NFL in the Kyler Murray-led Arizona Cardinals in Thursday Night Football. The Packers who had a much-weakened receiving core came into the game with the perfect […]

Fantasy Football

For those of you who read my fantasy football round-up from week 3 will know that after leading my team to a 0-3 start the front office had started to sign my goodbye papers and the crowd was turning on the team. However, from the depths of despair I have managed to drag my team […]

Week 6 NFL Recap

Week 6 of football has been on gone in a flash just like the previous 5 weeks have flown by, the football cognoscente knows the NFL as standing for ‘ Not For Long ‘ and it sure feels that way. This week teams had the chance to stamp authority on their respective divisions with some […]

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