My First Live NFL Game

After years of missing out on tickets, being too busy, or just not being able to attend any of the games I finally got to go to my first NFL game in person this past weekend at Tottenham Hotspurs fancy new stadium. Now it wasn’t my beloved Las Vegas Raiders that I got to go see but that’s on the bucket list! it was the Jags and Dolphins squaring off.

As I have previously written about in a piece I first wrote earlier this year I am a huge fan of the Raiders which started all the way back in my teenage years when after being a fan of the Madden franchise on the PlayStation I finally picked up a white Charles Woodson jersey that I still have until this day. I had plans to get over to Vegas to watch a game this year but with the current Covid situation that’s on the back burner for now. Link to that piece here:

Longtime Oakland Raiders Legend Charles Woodson

Living in West Yorkshire it was early get up to travel down to London which after playing a game of rugby the day before wasn’t the greatest feeling, what was great was every so often seeing a fan on the way down the motorway wearing their team’s jersey with pride. It was a strange sight seeing a New York Giants jersey in a deserted service station at 9am on a Sunday morning.

The brand new stadium where Tottenham Hotspur plays Premier League football was outstanding, it looks just as good on the inside as the great architecture on the outside of the ground, it’s definitely a ground worthy of hosting any sporting event from around the globe.

Tottenham Hotspurs Stadium

Arriving at the ground it was fascinating to see the array of teams jerseys on show it was literally a sea of colour on show on the walk to the stadium, however not enough Raiders jerseys with far too many Chiefs jerseys on show. I have to give a mention to the food court and especially the African Burrito stand which served a different take on the traditional Mexican burrito by tasted amazing. I had planned on getting my hands on a Mad Max Crosby jersey at the NFL shop but the lines were insane, unfortunately.

We finally got to our seats an hour before kick off to soak in the pregame atmosphere and see the players going through their individual pre game warm ups. We happened to be near the endzone where the ‘ Home Team’ Jacksonville Jaguars were going through their drills. The game itself the Dolphins were well in control until the number one overall pick Trevor Lawrence hit Marvin Jones in the back corner of the endzone for a touchdown. What I found equally impressive was Lawrence and his Jaguars teammates hustle in getting a quick slant route in for a completion to get kicker Matthew Wright that bit closer to nail the walk-off kick to win the game.

View From Our Seats

Another great thing that came out of the game was the fact that my girlfriends father who came to the game with us never really had a NFL team but is no a Green Bay Packers fan, it was the Cheeseheads that we saw walking around the ground that drew him to the historic franchise.

Josh Morrow
Josh Morrow

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