Madden 22 Review

Disclaimer: all game images will not fully represent the graphic quality of the game as they were in-game screenshots

Trying something a little different from our normal content with a delve into the world of video games, there will be a review of FIFA 22 and also a review of NBA 2K22 in the coming weeks. I started playing Madden way back on the PS2 and was excited to see just how much progression there has been on the next-gen consoles, the game has gotten a bad rap of late and I can certainly see why people can see things that way.

Face of The Franchise

The face of the franchise is Maddens take on the popular game mode of being a pro and career mode, once you’ve created the player you can choose from just four positions and I found this strange to say the least. In my opinion, it would have been so much better to give you the options to play as a defensive back or a tight end as well as the four choices which are QB/RB/WR/LB.

Position Selection Screen

Once you’ve created your player and chosen your position you get a choice of which college you go to, I chose to play as a QB for the Texas Longhorns and despite not winning the National Championship or doing great in the drills ( on purpose ) I still ended up going number 2 to the Jets. The problem I have with this is that you can seemingly perform poorly in all of the tasks leading up to the draft and still end up going in the top 5 to the same teams. For some unknown reason, you cannot check the divisional standings at all in this game mode which is mind-boggling, to say the least.

College Selection Screen

When drafted you get paired with a made-up veteran on your team called Carter Landry and I can’t help but think how good it would be if your In-game mentor was an actual real-life NFL player. There doesn’t seem to be that many teams that you can get drafted by as I previously talked about so I think this is another overlooked aspect that could have nudged the game in the right direction.

My QB under center against the Vikings

The interactive cinematic scenes soon get tiresome especially when they are so drab and talking of drab the podcasts that appear during your season soon become annoying due to their repetitiveness, a good example of this is when in your second season they still keep talking about you as a rookie…

Overall this is a fun game mode but leaves a lot of to be desired.

Exhibition and Franchise

In sports games, I always tend to try and go for the underdog or the hardest team to rebuild on the game and the general consensus was that this team was the Detriot Lions. They are a fun team to play with especially with the likes of D’Andre Swift on offense running behind their first-round draft pick the colossus, Penei Sewell. There is a tonne of rebuilding that needs to be done on the roster especially at the WR position and the defense in general.

Swift carrying @ Green Bay

The lack of attention to detail lets this game down in many areas, one being that there are several players on the game that for some unknown reason don’t have a picture on their player profile, I understand that the whole covid situation has made it hard for the development team but surely this can’t have been that much effort to sort out. it just makes no sense when the top picks in the draft have profiles like this.

For the purpose of this piece, I set up an exhibition between my beloved Las Vegas Raiders against divisional rivals the Kansas City Chiefs under the bright lights of Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas. The broadcast-like introduction before this game is one thing that I can definitely get behind from the pre-game warm-up to the players getting hyped coming out of the tunnels.

Allegiant Stadium InGame

There’s plenty of customizable options when going into this game mode such as picking historic jerseys from all 32 teams as well as the color rush options that mostly look amazing, I chose to go for my favourite Raiders jersey which is the all-white color rush as modeled by Derek Carr rallying the offense on the sideline in this picture.


Unfortunately, I seem to be talking a lot more about the negative things in this article rather than the good things so this is where I will start this section. I love how everything feels so smooth when running with the ball due to the capabilities of the next-generation console. When hitting holes with your running backs if you are patient as wait for holes to develop you can flow through the creases unless you Derreck Henry then you just monster the defense. On the subject, if running the ball the number of times that you are frustrated by your linemen getting in your way and bringing you to the ground is annoying.

Jimmy G and the 49ers Offense

The mechanics of the QB also look way better and less robotic and it is much easier to read through your progressions with your receivers running precise routes but sometimes your receiver doesn’t seem to want to fight for the 50/50 ball on occasions which can lead to game-killing picks. My last observation is that your QB is sometimes way too slow to slide, you can press X to slide a good 3/4 yards away from the defense and somehow you still end up in a tackle which can easily result in a fumble.

Overall I enjoy playing the game but I just can help feel that with a little more care and attention in key areas this game could have easily been much better than it is. That is why this game gets a 5.5 out of 10 for me.

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