Fantasy Football Round-Up Part One

Welcome to part one of the recaps on how my main team played out in fantasy football over on the sleeper app. It was a 10 team half PPR league with the majority of the owners sticking around and trying even when it became clear that the playoffs were out of contention. The top 4 teams advanced to the Championship playoffs whilst the rest battled it out to avoid the toilet bowl and place as high as possible.

As your going to see later on in the blog starting out at 0-3 was pretty rough for my team ‘ ItsRenfrowSZN’ and was fully expecting to owners to look at clearinghouse at the end of the year… After a slow start for my eventual Fantasy Football MVP Johnathan Taylor and injuries to my 2 high draft picks throughout the season to DeAndre Hopkins and Darren Waller made it a tough year to make the playoffs.

I won’t name my team for every week but I will show you the team that started week 1 and the team that ended the year.

Week 1 Lineup
Final Game LIneup

Week 1 saw my team get off to a tough start coming up against the combination of Dallas Cowboys QB/WR pairing of Dak Prescott and Amari Cooper who both went off in Week 1, that along with Travis Kelce showing why he’s the nest in the game saw me opening up 0-1. Score 114-156

Cowboys WR Amari Cooper

Week 2 brought another loss to my team sending me a 0-2 for the year and yet again a low-scoring game from RB1 Taylor left me well beaten by a team with Lamar Jackson scoring 34 points and CMC killing it the early season for the frisky Carolina Panthers. Score 108 – 124

Week 3 sent alarm bells ringing after some poor selections paired with some injuries that ended up in my team being well beaten. They say hindsight is 20/20 and it sure eas here with Emanuel Sanders sitting on my bench outscoring Sterling Shepard 23 points to 26. This paired with Stafford reveling under the tutorage of Sean Mcvay in Los Angeles well outscoring my starter Aaron Rodgers sending me to 0-3.Score 70-123

Week 4 finally brought me my first win of the year with the revival of my RB1 Taylor running for over 100 yards and a touchdown, boosted by Panthers star WR DJ Moore going for over 100 yards and 2 TD’s @ Dallas. Taking me to 1-3. Score 120-115

Colts RB Jonathan Taylor

Week 5 another week and another win another game where Taylor went crazy, the Colts superstar finished the game with over 160 scrimmage yards and 2 touchdowns. Score 108-96

Week 6 saw me start Matthew Stafford and it paid dividends with the veteran QB passing for over 250 yards and 4 touchdowns against the New York Giants. Nuk Hopkins also came alive this week grabbing 2 touchdowns. These two along with Taylor combined for 8 touchdowns! sending me to 3-3. Score 128-98

Week 7 was just one of them weels you have in fantasy where there’s nothing you can do about the opposition players having great scores. Duke Johnson went for 23 points, Titans defense 20 and Jalen Hurts late surge in garbage time against the Raiders saw me head to 3-4. Score 103-123

Eagles QB1 Jalen Hurts

Week 8 was another tough week with Nuk playing hurt against Green Bay having his one big play in which he scored a touchdown being brought back for a killer penalty. Robert Tonyan looked to be coming alive in a much depleted Green Bay receiving core only to tear his ACL on his biggest play of the game. Score 90-101

That concludes part one of my wrap for the 2022 fantasy football season be sure to check back in next week for part 2!

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